Construction Sites

What are the main security risks?

Construction sites across North America face many of the same security issues:

  • Vandalism of property

  • Trespassing

  • Theft of Materials

Patrolling your site with security guards is only effective to a certain extent. Some sites are simply too large to be adequately monitored by human eyes alone. This can lead to loss or damage of property and security threats and even place security guards in physical danger.


How can you lower your risk?


For construction sites with large perimeters, a combination of temporary and portable CCTV, voice technology, and remote monitoring works best:

  • Video voice technology substantially lowers the risk of security breaches

  • CCTV can cover the perimeter of the entire site

  • Voice technology deters potential intruders before they enter the site

  • Guards are no longer required, no safety issues or threatening confrontations

Complete peace of mind with DETER24 monitoring software

For construction sites, the DETER24 monitoring software provides complete peace of mind with your security.

It also provides:

  • Portability - it can be relocated and set up at different job sites as required

  • Cost Savings - it's cheaper than hiring a team of security guards

  • A positive return on investment

  • Jobsite forensics to help reduce liability risks with video surveillance records