Distribution Centers

What are the main security risks?

Distribution centers across North America face a variety of security threats:

  • Frequent theft of large volumes of goods

  • Trespassing

  • Vandalism of property

One of the main challenges for large distribution centers is that it's difficult to distinguish between authorized pick-ups of goods and unauthorized pick-ups: incidents of theft may be confused with standard activity


How can you lower your risk?


DETER24 provides solutions that answer all of the main security threats you face in distribution centers. We use a combination of the latest camera technology, sophisticated programming technology for alarms and human monitoring to "plug the hole" in your security

  • Video voice technology covers the entire center 24/7

  • Alarms can be programmed to go off only if certain items/vehicles are moved in particular directions

  • Voice technology deters potential intruders before they even enter

Make theft and vandalism a thing of the past;

DETER24 monitoring software provides complete peace of mind for distribution center security. 

With the latest video-voice technology and a team of professionals to virtually monitor sites, we can also highly customize the approach to security according to your needs. 

Other benefits include:

  • On site security guards are no longer required

  • Cost savings and a positive ROI

  • Video surveillance records provide center forensics to help reduce liability risks